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Fame Farming

Fame Farming

Albion Online Tools

One of the most important things to do in Albion Online is to Level Up your gear in order to have higher level equipements with stronger IP (item power). It allows you to unlock new abilities, access better equipment, and become more competitive in PvP combat. It is a key aspect of the game that enables players to grow and excel in their chosen playstyles.


Fame Farming

What is Fame ?

Fame is rewarded to players for interacting with the world of Albion, referred to as experience in other games. Actions that award fame include: Gathering, Crafting, PVP , PVE, Farming.

Best way to spec up your gear ?

From my experience, the most efficient way to earn fame is by killing open world mobs, especially red mobs and circle bosses that can reach up to 250k fame per circled boss.

Fame Farming in black zone with higher mobs tier will be a good way to level up your gear in short time, but with high rewards comes high risks as in black zone you can meet so many gankers and lose your items, Therefore I recommend you to go with T5-T6 gear or any affordable gear.

Spiked Mobs

What other kind of Fame ?

There is :
  • 1- Combat ( PVP / PVE ) : You can get this fame by killing players / mobs.
  • 2- Gathering : You can get this fame by gathering open world resources (Wood / Ore / Stone / Hide / Fish).
  • 3- Refining : Refine raw resources into usable resources in crafting (Planks / Bars / Blocks / Leather) .
  • 4- Crafting : You can craft any gear / weapon / item and earn fame.