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How To Earn Silver

How To Earn Silver

Albion Online Tools

Welcome to the guide on How to make silver in Albion Online! Silver is the primary currency in the game and is essential for various activities, such as purchasing equipment, funding guilds, and trading in the marketplace. This guide will provide you with effective strategies to maximize your silver income and achieve financial success in the world of Albion.

Black Market

1- Gathering and Selling Resources

-Gather valuable resources like wood, ore, fiber, and stone from the open world or resource nodes.

-Refine the gathered resources into refined materials to increase their value.

-Sell the refined materials on the marketplace or through personal trading to earn silver.


2- Crafting and Trading

-Learn crafting professions and create in-demand items such as weapons, armor, or consumables.

-Research the market demand and supply to identify profitable opportunities.

-Sell crafted items on the marketplace, or trade with other players.


Albion Crafting


3- Participating in Expeditions and Dungeons

-Engage in group expeditions and dungeons to defeat enemies and collect valuable loot.

-Sell the looted items, or use them for crafting high-value items.

-Joining a guild or group can enhance your profitability and provide access to more dungeon runs.


4- Trading and Merchant Activities

-Take advantage of regional price differences by buying low in one city and selling high in another.

-Identify goods with high demand and low supply in specific regions for profitable trading opportunities.

-Use trade routes efficiently, considering transportation costs and risk factors like PvP zones.

-You can always use our tools to make the highest profit.

Market Prices


5- Farming and Animal Breeding (not profitable anymore)

-Cultivate crops or raise animals on your personal island to produce valuable resources.

-Harvest crops and gather animal products to sell on the marketplace.

-Breed animals to create rare or highly sought-after mounts or pets for sale.


6- Participating in PvP Activities

-Engage in PvP combat to defeat other players and claim their valuable gear and resources.

-Participate in guild versus guild battles or faction warfare for potential rewards.

-Sell looted items, captured territories with guild, or valuable resources obtained through PvP activities.


7- Flipping and Speculating on the Marketplace

-Monitor the marketplace for undervalued or underpriced items.

-Buy items at a lower price and resell them at a higher price for profit.

-Analyze market trends, demand patterns, and update your trading strategies accordingly.



By following these strategies and adapting them to your playstyle, you can significantly increase your silver income in Albion Online. Remember to diversify your sources of income, stay updated on market trends, and continuously explore new opportunities. Best of luck on your journey to financial success in Albion!