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Getting Started in Albion Online

Getting Started in Albion Online

Albion Online Tools

Welcome to Albion Online! This guide will help you get started on your journey in this sandbox MMORPG. From character creation to exploring the world, we'll cover the essential steps to kickstart your adventure in Albion


Albion Characters

1- Creating Your Character

-Choose your character's name & appearance.

-Select a starting city (Martlock - Bridgewatch - Lymhurst - Thetford - Fort Sterling)

-Start the Tutorial to earn rewards that will help you to start off in the game

2- Understanding the Destiny Board

-Familiarize yourself with the Destiny Board, which is your character's progression system.

-The Destiny Board represents different branches of skills, including combat, crafting, gathering, and more.

-Plan your character's progression by setting short-term and long-term goals on the Destiny Board.

3- Learning the Basics of Gameplay

-Complete the initial tutorial quests to learn the basic mechanics of movement, combat, and gathering.

-Experiment with different weapon types and armor sets to find a playstyle that suits you.

-Understand the importance of resources, gathering, and crafting in the game's economy.

4- Joining a Guild

-Consider joining a guild to benefit from shared knowledge, resources, and social interaction.

-Guilds provide opportunities for group activities, such as PvP, PvE, and territory control.

-Look for guilds that align with your playstyle or interests and reach out to them for recruitment.


Albion ZvZ


5- Exploring the World

-Venture out into the open world and explore different dungeons (Solo - Group - Corrupted), cities and Avalonian Roads.

-Gather resources like wood, ore, fiber, and stone, which are essential for crafting and progression.

6- Albion Online Cities

-There are 6 Main Cities in Albion Online : (Caerleon - Martlock - Bridgewatch - Lymhurst - Thetford - Fort Sterling - Brecilien)

-Blue Zones: Ideal for beginners, with no PvP allowed and abundant resources.

-Yellow Zones: Limited PvP with no full-loot system, offering more challenging content.

-Red Zones: Full-loot PvP zones where players must be cautious of hostile encounters.

-Black Zones: High-risk, high-reward areas with no restrictions on PvP, attracting seasoned players.


Albion Map


7- Managing Your Finances

-Understand the importance of silver, the in-game currency.

-Learn how to make silver through gathering, crafting, trading, and participating in economic activities.

-You can check our Guide for making Silver here -> How To Earn Silver



With this guide, you are equipped with the fundamental knowledge to start your journey in Albion Online. Explore the vast world, engage in various activities, and forge your path in this player-driven sandbox MMO. Remember to stay open to new experiences, learn from your adventures, and enjoy the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Albion. Good luck on your exciting journey!